Migration from FaucetBOX.com faucet script

Migration from FaucetBOX.com (rev 65 and below)
  1. Download: https://faucetsystem.com/img/fs/update_faucetinabox_r65_and_below.zip
  2. Replace faucetbox.php in libs folder.
  3. Get new API key from FaucetSystem.com ➜ Your faucets ➜ Manage faucet dashboard,
  4. and replace old FaucetBOX.com API key.

Migration from FaucetBOX.com (rev 66)
  1. Download: https://faucetsystem.com/img/fs/update_faucetinabox_r66_plus.zip
  2. Replace services.php in libs folder.
  3. Add faucetsystem.php in libs/services folder.
  4. Get new API key from FaucetSystem.com->Your faucets->Manage faucet dashboard.
  5. Select 'FaucetSystem.com' in FaucetBOX admin panel (Access ➜ Service).

Migration from FaucetBOX.com (rev 67+)
  1. native support